The seat is only confirmed upon completion of the payment transaction. You will get an email notification once the seat is secured.   

If you have to cancel your completed registration, do inform our office at Please note that refunds may/may not be applicable depending on terms & conditions. 

Step 1: Open/Login to bank app and scan & pay

Step 2: Enter the UEN no. T07SS0263K

Step 3: Please ensure the recipient is SOCIETY FOR WINGS

Step 4: Enter the amount

Step 5: Under the reference field, key in Registration No. (Click on My Profile > Transaction > e.g. PRE/2020/00XXX, please remove '/' if your bank app does not allow you to type it in.)

Step 6: Please print screen the transaction of PayNow and send it to

Please give us 1-2 working days to update the payment status. Once the payment status is updated, you will receive email notification from